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    Chibi Cup - Semi Finals


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    Chibi Cup - Semi Finals Empty Chibi Cup - Semi Finals

    Post by Aero on 6/2/2014, 16:29

    Match Ups: Selections were Randomized

    Bracket 1: Michael06 vs Crimson
    Bracket 2: Aerobend vs Jace_The_Ambipom

    February 6th - February 9th: Round 2
    Tournament Referee: LoneQuincy
    Little Cup Finals: TBD
    Prize: Hidden Ability Ralts [Male] Adamant Nature with 5 ivs.

    Tournament Game Details:
    6v6 Singles Battle [No Restrictions]
    Best 2 out of 3

    * All Solaris League Rules Apply
    * All Pokemon MUST be in their first evolution form. (Pokemon that do not evolve cannot participate, this includes Pokemon that evolve with a mega evolution)
    * All Pokemon must be Level 5 (Battles will be done on No Restriction)
    * Pokemon must be untrained. (As little EV's as possible)
    * Breed Pokemon for IV's ARE allowed, this includes egg moves.

    Banned Pokemon:
    [Edit 1/26] Scyther, Meditite, Yanma [Speed Boost],Tangela, Vulpix [Drought], Sneasel, Carvanha [Speed Boost]

    Banned Moves:
    Sonic Boom and Dragon Rage

    **NOTE** Battle code must be submitted to the Tournament Moderator.

    Happy Battling Everyone!

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    Chibi Cup - Semi Finals Empty Re: Chibi Cup - Semi Finals

    Post by LoneQuincy on 15/2/2014, 11:12

    Final Round

    Crimson vs Jace

    Good luck to you both. Once I get the results, we'll arrange a time for the winner to collect the prize.

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