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    Diancie and mega lati


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    Diancie and mega lati Empty Diancie and mega lati

    Post by Seanizcool on 10/3/2014, 20:46

    I just thought i would make a thread getting your guys opinions on mega lati and diancie, what do you think of them? Like the look, the moves, stats, anything. I want to hear your opinions! I think diancie is pretty cool, can't wait till hoopa tho

    Diancie and mega lati Pokemon_sig

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    Diancie and mega lati Empty Re: Diancie and mega lati

    Post by Arilys on 21/3/2014, 08:32

    Can't really say much about the moves and stats because I didn't look too much into that yet, but I think their designs aren't too bad. I particularly like the Mega Lati duo, even though it's disappointing that they both look exactly the same. I mean, I know they're twins but they don't have the same colour in their normal forms :/

    I'm looking forward to Volcanion :p I wanna see how that thing works with that typing.

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