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    New Games Due Empty New Games Due

    Post by Derax on 7/5/2014, 12:11

    What's happening SolarisLeague members and visitors? Been a while hasn't it?

    Anyway, in case you guys didn't know; Nintendo recently unveiled the lid on two new Pokemon games coming out November 2014: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

    What do we know about these new games; apart from sounding like remakes - could be sequels/prequels totally original storylines mind - and that Groudon and Kyogre have new artwork, be it forms, mega's, whatever, we know nothing.

    As such, here's the announcement:

    Aaaand the official Art pinched from google images:

    Excited? I sure as hell am.

    Discuss. Cool

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    New Games Due Empty Re: New Games Due

    Post by Chrisis on 14/5/2014, 04:56

    Its hard to say since the original ones got so much hate for not being backwards compatible. Side note it will be nice to see how they can evolve the next series of games. By far I still feel heart gold had the best story and gameplay. But I did enjoy gen 3. I just hope they add something worth getting the game for.

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