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    Solaris TV - Surge


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    Solaris TV - Surge Empty Solaris TV - Surge

    Post by TheSurgeXS on 9/2/2014, 17:02

    "Helllllooo Viewers! Surge here with Solaris TV!"

    Solaris TV - Surge Thesur11

    - Always wanted to do that.

    Surge here, and one of the members of the Solaris TV crew. I will be hosting several streams along the week when I have a somewhat decent connection in the future. I plan to run the following programs.

    Live with Surge!

    Poke Talk: I talk about updates in x and y, do Team Reviews and suggestions, and whatever discussion I can think about in the time.

    Pokemon/Breeding Giveaways - I would giveaway Pokes that I have bred to the viewers and Occasionally a fully trained Pokemon. I might even do shiny fishing hunting and give that away at the end.

    Battle Frontier Run - I will do the battle frontier, and then give viewers the chance to win an item there, but taking a quiz. Like. In battle 7, what was the first move Surge did?

    Wifi Battling:: This is where I will be battling and request viewers to challenge me. I also show pre recorded battles and or might do a run in the ratings/free battles online. I will also have people come to do multi battles with me.

    I would appreciate if you guys can come and watch my streams when I go live! It will be great help, so come on in, enjoy, and have fun!

    Solaris TV - Surge Surge_10

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    Solaris TV - Surge Empty Re: Solaris TV - Surge

    Post by Aero on 9/2/2014, 18:28

    Sounds like fun! I'll be sure to tune in.

    Solaris TV - Surge Mega_a11

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