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    What will OHKO me?


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    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Empty What will OHKO me?

    Post by TheSurgeXS on 4/1/2014, 20:08

    First topic message reminder :

    In this thread the rule is to guess what would you need to do to One Hit KO [OHKO] This Pokemon. Reply only putting the Pokemon/item/and move then the next poster would need to think of a Pokemon that will OHKO the previous Post.

    Assume all pokemon are level 100

    The only item not allowed is Focus Sash.

    We will start with an easy one.

    Impish Parasect

    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Surge_10

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    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Empty Re: What will OHKO me?

    Post by Derax on 6/1/2014, 08:03

    Lucario/Aura Sphere/Assault Vest

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    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Empty Re: What will OHKO me?

    Post by Jace_The_Chimchar on 6/1/2014, 20:13

    Conkeldurr/Iron fist/Choice band/Mach punch

    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Icewor10

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    What will OHKO me? - Page 2 Empty Re: What will OHKO me?

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