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    Introducing..... Jace


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    Introducing..... Jace Empty Introducing..... Jace

    Post by Jace_The_Chimchar on 31/12/2013, 04:08

    Hi Everyone,

    My name's Jace (obviously) and my favourite pokemon is Ambipom (again... rather obvious) Can you guess my fabourite colour? :3

    I'm just your average guy, i like gaming, going out, staying in.... you name it, i probably enjoy it. I'm a university student studying Geography at Bath Spa University in the UK and i plan on going into teaching when i'm out of school myself.

    I'm new to wifi battling, and am already tired of seeing Rotom, Scizor, gliscor and Garchomp - on the same team - in every game. /rant over
    I like to mix it up a bit, but haven't really found my stride in battles yet. Surge will vouch for me... i'm lucky if i select my entire team for the battle. #blondemoments

    I'm gonna be working pretty closely with Solaris as an admin for the site, doing stuff like promoting.

    Any other questions, just ask :3


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