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    Have: Several EV's Trained Pokes


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    Have: Several EV's Trained Pokes Empty Have: Several EV's Trained Pokes

    Post by TheSurgeXS on 8/1/2014, 14:48

    The following Pokes I have listed are fully trained, some with egg moves and good IVs. If you are interested please post below, I don't want baby Pokemon unless they have 5ivs and have a nature or ability I desire. I am mainly looking to trade Fully Trained For Fully Trained. Thanks.

    Spiritomb: Level 55 | Calm Nature | Pressure
    Has Egg Move Pain-Split
    [5 IVs, missing Speed IV]
    Gardevoir: Level 52 | Modest Nature | Synchronize
    [Has four IVs, I think its missing its Sp Defense and Attack IV.
    Conkeldurr: Level 51 | Adamant | Sheer Force
    Has Egg Move Mach Punch
    Missing its Speed IV
    Greninja: Level 62 | Careful | Protean
    Has 5 ivs, Missing SpD
    Has PokeRus
    Ninjask: Level 23 | Adamant | Speed Boost
    Has 4 ivs, Missing Defense IV
    Has PokeRus

    Have: Several EV's Trained Pokes Surge_10

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