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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post by Jace_The_Chimchar on 3/1/2014, 22:58

    Dear Members,

    Please read the following rules about our forum.

    1) Please conduct yourselves in a nice and polite manner. It's only Pokémon and there's no reason for people to be offensive to anyone else.

    2) Please avoid having public conversations that are likely to cause conflict in the forum; politics, religion etc. Sexual conversations can also make people feel awkward and should be avoided.

    3) Please keep all posts in the forums below, in the correct areas and relevant. Inappropriate material will either be moved into the correct section, or removed altogether.

    4) Bullying and other forms of harassment will NOT be tolerated in the Solaris League. We are not responsbile of anything that occurs on Network Sites such as Facebook.

    If you feel like you are being bullied, keep evidence of the offense and report it to an administrator immediately.

    5) Similarly, members cheating or scamming other members will NOT be tolerated in the Solaris League. Never allow yourself to be in a situation where you can be scammed.

    Do not hand out personal details to people!

    If you feel like you are being cheated or scammed, keep evidence of the offense and report it immediately.

    6) On a lighter note; This is a forum primarily for Pokemon Wifi Battling. We will not be using Pokemon simulators for any of our battles, tournaments or league matches. Please don't ask us to start doing so.

    Using hacked Pokémon is forbidden.

    Any infringements to these rules may lead to suspensions and/or bans from Solaris Leagues

    Thank you for reading the rules,

    The Administration Team

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