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    EV Training Guide


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    EV Training Guide Empty EV Training Guide

    Post by Aero on 20/12/2013, 10:24

    With the introduction of hordes, EV training can be done faster than ever. Each pokemon gives out a specific Effort Value point, below is guide where to train a particular stat the fastest.

    You are guarenteed a Horde battle if you use the following: Sweet Scent field ability, Honey.
    Combee knows this move at a very early level.

    HP: Gulpin Horde
    Location: Route 5

    Attack: Bellsprout Horde
    Location: Route 14

    Defense: Nosepass Horde
    Location: Route 10

    Special Attack: Vannillite Horde
    Location: Frost Cavern

    Special Defense: Hopip Horde
    Location: Route 7

    Speed: Wingull Horde
    Location: Route 8
    Extra Tips:
    - When EXP Share is Activated, all pokemon in the party gain the effort value earned. So to make the process faster, have a high leveled Pokemon that knows Surf to quickly faint the horde Pokemon. This allows you to EV train multiple Pokemon all at once.

    - Power Items (bought at the Battle Maison) can help your pokemon gain EV's faster. Putting a specific Power Item will allow it to gain 4 EV's of what it gives you. In respect, if you faint 5 Gulpin wearing a Power Anklet, You will be given 5 (from each Gulpin) plus (20 from the 4 EV bonus from the Power Item) Giving you a total of 25 EV's in a single battle. **NOTE** If you have PokeRus, you can get 50 EV's from a single battle.

    - PokeRus, as stated briefing above, having PokeRus, doubles the Effort Value earned at the end of battle. So a horde of Gulpin while having PokeRus gives you 10 as oppose to 5.

    - The max EV's per stat has been changed to 252 as oppose to 255 from older games. So there is no need to do adjustments if you are worried you will break 252.

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