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    Help dealing with walls


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    Help dealing with walls Empty Help dealing with walls

    Post by AeroBend on 29/1/2014, 11:16

    Yesterday, Surge got me hooked on battling again, and i've come to the realization that i'm very poor at dealing with tanks/walls, especially if they have a recovery move. I realize there is no magic formula to poor tanks out of existence, but I just hope that there are some better tricks and strategies in doing so. Thanks guys.

    Help dealing with walls Pokemo14

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    Help dealing with walls Empty Re: Help dealing with walls

    Post by Michael06 on 29/1/2014, 11:49

    My best strategy has been croba his ability infiltrator is wonderful along with super fang, roost, brave bird, toxic/u-turn. Super fang helps to cripple those bulky defenders, toxic helps with those recovery pests and being poison urself u work against it very well. Brave bird is here so u don't get hurt with taunt same with u-turn if u choose that over toxic. Also u-turn is a good scouting move. And lastly roost is here to help recover urself. Hope this helps

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    Help dealing with walls Empty Re: Help dealing with walls

    Post by Jace_The_Chimchar on 30/1/2014, 02:43

    the only problem with that is that super fang isn't available yet.

    I find that the problem with a lot of walls is that they lack in either physical or special defence. So having a mixed attacker on your team can really help. I used to run a mixed infernape with Taunt and a focus sash/lum berry and it would work wonders

    Help dealing with walls Icewor10

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    Help dealing with walls Empty Re: Help dealing with walls

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