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    Breeding Tips and Tricks


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    Breeding Tips and Tricks Empty Breeding Tips and Tricks

    Post by LoneQuincy on 19/12/2013, 23:58

    Here are some tips for breeding the Pokemon you want. If you can add on to this list, please post below so we may add it.

    1) The Everstone- The Everstone is a great help in breeding for a specific nature. When breeding, if one parent has a nature you'd like for the offspring to have, you just give it an Everstone and the baby will have that nature.

    2) The Destiny Knot- The Destiny Knot is a useful item when you want your baby pokemon to have good IVS. The item will takes 5 IV values from the parents and give them to the offspring. It helps to have parents with mid-high IVs to start, but with enough patience, you can breed some really powerful pokemon.

    3) Hidden Abilities- As of Gen 6, Both Male and Female parents can pass Hidden Abilities down to the offspring. For you Blaziken fans, that means you can get a better natured Speed Boost Baziken by breeding the event Torchic.

    4) Egg Moves- Egg Moves are attacks that you can breed onto a pokemon which it otherwise couldn't learn. As of X/Y, Females are now able to pass Egg Moves to their offspring. Now you can breed a pokemon like Ferroseed with both Leach Seed and Stealth Rock if you want to.

    By utilizing these tools, you can breed and train a powerful team on your own.

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