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    S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.



    Are you interested in Fanfics?

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    S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.

    Post by Derax on 1/1/2014, 16:39

    S'up everyone?

    I'm Derax. A little background; I'm currently studying Geological Hazards at University in the UK.

    Pokemon has been a fascination of mine ever since it came out in the UK in 1999 and as such will probably never lose interest in it. Having said that; right now I'm not interested in Wifi battling as Jace_The_Ambipom will testify. Instead I'm planning out a fanfiction that will - hopefully - span the six current generations.

    A word of warning, people who know me will describe me as being depressing, sarcastic, ironic and down right miserable. All of which makes me the Voice of Doom they love.

    In any case, I look forward to meeting you guys, and I hope you've had a good New Year.

    Derax.  Neutral

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    Re: S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.

    Post by Jace_The_Chimchar on 1/1/2014, 17:06

    You do wifi battle.

    You just can't be bothered with breeding lol

    Thanks for joining Smile

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    Re: S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.

    Post by LoneQuincy on 1/1/2014, 17:20

    Welcome to Solaris where everyone is welcome unless they play Showdown and/or value Smogon's opinion Razz

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    Re: S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.

    Post by TheSurgeXS on 1/1/2014, 17:27

    Nice to meet ya Derax! I use to do Fanfics myself when I was younger, so I enjoy reading them. Hope to chat with ya later on the forum.

    Welcome again.

    - Surge


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    Re: S'up? It's a Pleasure to Meet You Guys.

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